11-14 of June

Our dances.

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SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
Джайв Арт

11-14, June

VII International Festival of swing dance is inviting all dancers to feel the good old groove!

You'll take part in the unforgettable adventures in 'noir' style. To fight the Great Depression the best and long loved teachers are coming!

SwingFest-2009 presents:

  • Steven Mitchell (the USA)
  • Virginie Jensen (the USA)
  • Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa (France)
  • Fedor Nedotko (Russia)
  • Larissa Glikina and Taras Melnyk (Ukraine)
  • Kseniya Semenikhina and Vladimir Ishimov (Russia)
  • Jennie Norrman & Jonas Pettersson(Sweden).
  • Katja Hrastar & Nejc Zupan(Slovenja).

This year offers us:

  • more than 75 classes in lindy hop and balboa in three levels!
  • 4-5 parties (and, yes!, a welcome pre-party on the Neva)
  • Cabaret (it's a must!)
  • Jack-and-Jill (Yeah! You'll see a real crazy stomp here!)
  • Blues night (with an anti-blues party!)
  • 5 summer days, 5 white nights, new friends, good old friends and, of course JAZZ!!!

Registration is already opened!

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