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Steven Mitchell and Virginie Jensen

Since 2006 Steven and Virginie are permanent instructors at Swingfest. They are well-known in the dance scene for their innovative style, improvisation and musicality. Their ability to convey their passion to dance, exceptional musical sensibility and unique creative approach inspire lots of dancers around the world who seek any opportunity to take classes from them.

Steven Mitchell an established dance guru famous for his varied talents, creativity, energy and distinctive style. He started his dancing career with studying classical choreography, jazz, modern and hip hop in Los Angeles and New York. He is largely credited for giving Lindy Hop a fresh start in the end of XX century and making the dance as popular as it was all around the world. In 1983 Steven and his partner Erin Stevens found Frankie Manning the legend of the 30s, golden age of lindy hop, and encouraged him to come back from his long-term retirement from the dance. Thanks to collaboration with Frankie and Al Minns, as well as his talent and inexhaustible energy, from mid 80-s Steven began to spread lindy hop across the world, conveying a unique skill of feeling music with his whole body to amateur and professional dancers.

Virginie Jensen has more than 20 years of dancing experience. She started her dancing career when she was 3 and studied jazz, ballroom dance, swing, classical ballet at Franketti school of Dance, Harlem School of Classical Ballroom and Arcadance School, also taking part in different performances and shows. She started teaching classical choreography and ballroom dancing at 16 and combined it with professional dancing of jazz and ballroom, took part in competitions and got many awards in France. Virginie has been teaching lindy hop since 1997, since 1999 with Steven bringing a unique grace and energy in their famous duet with inimitable French charm and fascination. Unique lady styling and ability to open new possibilities for a follower in the dance made her participation in all kinds of dance events very precious for all lindyhoppers around the world..


In all the workshops Fedors all-time assistant is Inga his wife.

Fedor Nedotko is probably one of the most respected lindy hop teachers in Russia. He got the recognition with dancers for his unique technique and his own style of dancing as well as his highly professional teaching. Due to him the idea of social dancing got a new meaning and form in Saint-Petersburg dance scene and Russian swing community. In lindy Fedor stands for authenticity, presenting the dance first of all as a part of Afro-American culture. Fedor comes from Cherepovets, an industrial city in the North of Russia, where he started his dancing career as a ballroom dancer in 1990. In 1994 he started dancing with Bomond Dance Theatre. Since 1998 he has been living and working in Saint-Petersburg. In 2000 he started to dance and teach lindy hop and promote social dancing. At present Fedor teacher lindy hop and salsa in his studio Casa Latina. Jazz for me is not an abstract music, first of all its dancing mood, light emotional excitement. Partner dance+jazz=swingdance. I dont stick to any particular styles of swing dancing. All of them are good. In dancing my cornerstones are music, comfort, freedom and partnership. (Fedor Nedotko)..


Taras Melnik and Larisa Glikina
Kiev Swing Dance Club

Taras says, If somebody said to me some years ago that Id be a dance teacher I wouldnt believe him. But nevertheless In 1993 my friends invited me to a dance class. After a month they left but I stayed. I studied tap for 6 years with a famous Ukrainian teacher Vladimir Shpudejko. After that, me and my partner Larissa Glikina danced rock-and-roll and boogie-woogie. We took part in different dance competitions and became prize winners in Ukrainian championships and silver prize winners in a Russian championship. We started going to international dance workshops in Finland, Sweden, France and Germany.

At present Taras and Larissa teach all styles of swing in their club Kiev Swing Dance Club which celebrated 8th anniversary last year. Everybody knows and loves one of the first swing camps Swinglandia and is always ready to visit our friendly Ukrainian swinging friends. They taught a whole generation of dancers with a wonderful KSDC show group.


Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa are well known for their teaching abilities and for the past three years they have been teaching Lindy Hop and Balboa in their own dance studio in Toulouse (France), 'Studio Hop'. During this time they have also formed and trained their own performance group, 'Tagada Swing Swing'. Anne-Helene, previously a jazz dancer and Bernard, a jazz and blues musician, learned their swing dancing skills from the very best international teachers.

They are now well known as teachers on the international dance scene in both Europe and the USA. They are especially noted for clarity in their teaching methods but always with a bit of humour thrown in! With an emphasis on musicality and connection their style is both fluid and innovative, having created many of their own original variations. Winners of ACBC (American Classic Balboa Championships) in 2007.

Jennie Norrman & Jonas Pettersson, Uppsala, Sweden
Jennie has been swing dancing since 1994, Jonas since 2003. They have both spent a lot of time traveling to different swing dance camps and also practice other dances to improve their general level of dancing. Jonas and Jennie have been teaching together since 2004, mainly in Uppsala but recently also at different weekend workshops in Europe such as f.x. Copenhagen Bal X-perience, Hamburg Balboa Weekend and Tiny Balboa in Grenoble..

Jonas and Jennie both love to teach and to see other people grow in their dancing. As teachers they aim to be as clear and pedagogical as possible, while at the same time keeping the fun and enthusiasm their students show for the dance. Their focus is on a good technique which will enable their students to develop their own style and feeling for the dance, while always maintaining solid leading and following skills.


(Katya Hrastar and Nejc Zupan)

Nejc Zupan is one of the first new age swing dancers in Slovenia. He is the founder and leader of the performing group Besne gliste and the main person behind the growing popularity of Lindy Hop in Slovenia. He acquired his knowledge at several worldly workshops, where he worked with instructors such as Ryan Francois, Angela Andrew, Hanna Zetterman and Mattias Lundmark (Rhythm Hot Shots), Johnny Lloyd, Max Pitruzzella and Mike Faltasek. His experiences in the field of contemporary motion theater (classes led by well-known instructors such as Ivan Peternelj, Branko Potočan and Louise Edith Frankenhuis), music and classic theater enable him a fresh and amusing approach to teaching and developing the Slovenian swing scene. He pays special attention to Lindy Hop, Charleston, to the jazz movement and musicality, which are a sine qua non in swing.

Katja Hrastar is a skilled dancer with years of experience in the field of jazz ballet, rock'n'roll and of course swing. Famous for her expressive dancing, she is one of Slovenia's most innovative swing dancers at the moment. Member of the performing group Besne gliste and co-founder of the Slovenian swing society SweetSwing, she is continuously in charge of the quality and diversity of their choreographies and performances. She is particularly interested in one of the specific styles of swing, namely balboa. She acquired her skills at some of the most well-known French workshops, where she had the opportunity to work with such distinguished dancers as Anne Helene and Bernard Cavasa, Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes, Sylvia Skylar and Erik Robison as well as Valerie Salstrom and Marty Klempner. Her dancing is characterised by the perfection of movement and elegance.

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