11-14 of June

Our dances.

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SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
Джайв Арт


In SwingCity lively and dynamic nightlife is awaiting for you!
Both professional scoundrels and loyal citizens will be able to find entertainment to their taste. Honky tonks and fancy places of Swing City will open their doors to you! You favourite music will be played until dawn in at least 2 dancefloors. The most marginal gangs will find their place in alternative parties (salsa, tango, boogie - anything your godfather would want!) Those reckless hotshots could try their foot in jams and jack-and-jill! (by the way - we've prepared a surprise for the participants and the audience). For the most refined ladies and gentlemen - romantic bluesnight. Attention! Entrance is strictly controlled according to the dress code! There's no place for bums and beggars among dressed up public! Our specially trained bouncers will take care of that while their broad shoulders will protect you from those who can't stand sweetie nothings - participants of anti-bluesnight party!
Traditional cabaret show is inviting creative participants!

This time:

  • Best DJ's;
  • White nights on the Neva waves (pre-party, 10th, June);
  • A BarbeсueBeachParty!
  • A couple of unforgettable sunsets!
  • After-party for those who always wants more!
  • And+ who knows what comes to mind of those organizers+
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