11-14 of June

Our dances.

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SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
SwingFest внутри нас
Джайв Арт


Categories of sleeping zones Deadlines for payments
before 1.04 before 5.05 before 1.06
Anti-crisis 3(economy triple with a washbasin) 125 Euro 135 Euro 145 Euro
Anti-crisis 2(economy double with a washbasin) 135 Euro 145 Euro 155 Euro
Classic 4(4-bed room with a toilet/washbasin) 155 Euro 165 Euro 175 Euro
Classic 2K1 (double box with toilet/washbasin) 160 Euro 170 Euro 180 Euro
Classic 2K2 (double box with renovated conveniences) 170 Euro 180 Euro 190 Euro
Comfort 2 (double box with a toilet/washbasin, renovated) 180 Euro 190 Euro 200 Euro
Comfort 1(twin with conveniences, superrenovated) 200 Euro 215 Euro 225 Euro
Premium Panoramic (double) 230 Euro 240 Euro 250 Euro
Premium «with the Deck» (double) 240 Euro 250 Euro 260 Euro
President Deluxe (VIP suite for two presidents with a Jacuzzi) (and you can sleep quietly there in such a room? For extra pay we won’t tell anything to the I.R.S…) 250 Euro 265 Euro 280 Euro
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